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Goodlife Pharmacy is a one of its kind in East Africa, a pharmacy,wellness center, provider of first line primary healthcare, and introducing access to clinicians through Dial Daktari services. The company provides trusted pharmaceuticals to customers across the population from convenient locations – with a total reach of over 1.2 million people with 50 branches in the region. Goodlife offers a range health services including Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Body Mass Index, Malaria and Family Nutrition, Doctor Consultations, Laboratory Services in select locations. Co-founded by Dr Josh Ruxin in 2013, with the aim of “Helping the Nation to Look and Feel Good One Person at a Time”, Goodlife focuses on providing high-quality individual customer care at an affordable price and convenient locations across the region.

By increasing access to reliable medication at affordable prices, Goodlife Pharmacies is having a direct impact on the quality of life and wellness of East Africa’s increasingly affluent population.Goodlife has been endorsed by The Pharmaceuticals Society of Kenya, through their Green Cross Audit, as best pharmacy practice in the country. This is in recognition of Goodlife’s ongoing commitment to excellence in pharmacy practice and standards.

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